2007 EVO IX

    Hi guys and girls.

    First sorry for english (again) as my german does really such.

    They say third time has the lucky charm:)

    Back to vehicle description.

    If some of you missed it last topic she was build from gound up in 2011 when it was fully painted in black (originally silver) by preious owner. At that point it had cosmetic damage - front bumper,left wing, ACD pump. Shell was undamaged (pics on request). It had 2,4 VIII engine built & fitted (it was bought as running shell so it didnt have engine,transmissons etc.) and oddometer was set to 0 assembly was complited. I bought it as second owner in that format.

    I then had it for few years running 400 bhp on 80 series turbo. AS the rest of the car was i good condition interior was lacking some style. The end product was great and looking like it should came like this from company un form of some special edition EVO.

    Last year i bought 7 rs shell and decided to build a track & road warrior so plan went down of using 9s VIII forged engine and to sell IX close to stock (i cant afford running two EVOs). To make this happen i bought new 9RS crate engine (one of the last built by MHI in 6.2016) and engine loom (only things that i needed to add were 9 ECU,AC compressor and auxillary belt). Plan was to make best possible 9 on the market so Brembos had full rebuild (new dust seals, O-rings, shims, copper lines,nipples,screws,paint & stickers) running with new Stoptech street discs & pads. Enkei wheels were powder coated in gunmetal grey and new AD08r tyres were installed. Interior got custom carbon insterts. Engine and components were systematically run in with regural oil changes and progressive load applied. In total new components did a bit over 1200km.

    Spec list:

    2007 Mitsi EVO IX SNGFZ RS shell
    oddo reads 30k km but engine,brakes,tyres,wheel have been only ran in 1200km.
    I estimate shell has much less than 100k and it has no rust.


    It has full new Mitsi crate engine (one of the last built by MHI in 6. 2016) consisting of:

    -Full long engine
    - both manifolds
    -all sensors
    -water pump
    -oil pump
    -all pullies
    -timing belt
    -clutch & flywheel
    -all shileds and piping

    .....basically plug and play and i just added AC compressor and aux belt


    -NON ACCD transfer case
    -"RS" rear LSD
    -new Mitsi OEM IX RS clutch & Flywheel (included in crate IX RS engine)

    Suspension and brakes:

    -fully rebuilt Brembos all around (all new seals,washers,piping and painted red with Brembo stickers)
    -new Stoptech discs all around
    -new Stoptech street pads all around
    -KW V1 coilovers
    -17" Enkei freshly powder coated in antracid grey with new 235/45 AD08r


    -Full custom alcantara interior (dash,pillars,celling and door cards)
    -X Recaros
    -custom carbon dash inserts
    -white Ralliart themed speedo
    -Stack boost, oil temperature and oil pressure
    -AEM wideband lambda integrated in speedo

    Power mods:

    -Miltek cat back exhaust
    -Detchwerks 340 fuel pump

    Here are few old and new pictures.

    Basically i just ran in the engine (1,2k km) as requiered. She is running standard 280 bhp but can be mapped to 400 if needed.

    To sum it up she really is a decent car with all parts taken care off so you can enjoy next 150k+ km.

    Price: 31,000 EUR
    Location: Ljubljana ,Slovenia
    Contact: PN or you can whatsapp me +3863I6585O8

    Like always all coments are welcome.

    Thanks for looking.

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