Evo 9 welches Lsd


      I am Sorry you got totally useless replies, not really any data driven factual informed suggestions.
      Since I've been upgrading and researching the same topic, I'd like to provide you with that information.

      First, for road car and a car that is less than dedicated track car, your front should LSD should ideally be Torsen. OEM Torsen has long been used in high power winning time attack cars, and the team did "speculate" (consider) upgrading to Plated Cusco or Ralliart may help to further lap times, but the fact they won with 600-700-800bhp Evo TA events on stock Torsen shows works quiet!

      Torsen on my Track E8 with ACD and RS rear. Using EFR8374 turbo on 2.3 engine, 550bhp on pump and more on E85, I have not felt the need to change the torso to another LSD. But I've considered it, same as you.

      My rear RS causes some understeer on the road, but is really good on full throttle on track. IT induces some understeer unless full throttle. Because when both rear wheels try to push at the same speed, they induce understeer, that is easy to understand: until the rear wheels start breaking traction, get tail loose and rotating around the front.

      I also have road focused Evo, TME RS2 LHD.
      Stock AYC is fabulous: AYC is "Torque Vectoring" differential ... and as we know Torque Vectoring is all the rage today ... Focus RS, Porsche, and many more ..
      I had it on track, and it performed admirably, virtually eliminating any understeer.

      In fact even on track Japanese media has shown that AYC is faster then RS rear. RS rear is more robust and really directed at Gravel Rally, but not clearly superior to AYC on tarmac, asfalt.
      AYC is outstanding technology: It drives the outer wheel faster then inner wheel, therefore providing Torque Vectoring around the corner, rotating the chassis gently.
      Its is true that AYC casing is weaker than RS..but most of us do not drive so hard and with so much torque to damage AYC diff on road.

      Now, one area where front Plated differential can be superior to Torsen type may be tight turns on grippy tarmac:
      Torsen is "two-way" LSD, it can not distinguish between Acceleration and Deceleration so it always Affects the front wheels, to some extent. Remember, Torsen is soft, so the effect is not as high and abrupt as the plated LSD 1.5 way or 2 way.

      But this gentle Limiting Slip on Deceleration can cause some light understeer on corner entry. Can, but maybe does not ....

      1-way LSD like Cusco RS 1-way is fully open on deceleration. And thus does not induce any understeer, allowing both front wheels to rotate freely.

      Wavetrac and Torsen are soft.
      Plated, as Cusco RS 1-way has to be "setup" to be soft.
      I recommend Cusco RS to be upgraded to 35 degree ramps (it features 35 and 45 degree ramp, the steeper ramp causes LSD action to start more abruptly and thus potentially inducing it some understeer).

      So, the Cusco RS has 8 springs: preload. I recommend using 4 out of 8 springs to make the "engagement" soft, "delay" the LSD action.

      This all on tarmac, asfalt.

      A plated LSD like Cusco RS can benefit from professional setup, but knowledgeable, differential / transmission specialist. Because they are few and far between, Wavetrac is easy upgrade.
      If it has Torsen, I would recommend you leave it alone.

      Lastly, Cusco RS is MFactory plated LSD.
      It has proven to work well.
      Now, the same person did not try Cusco and MFactory, so MFactory has solved the "deceleration understeer" in tight corners that felt with Torsen and Wavetrac. "Gymkhana" racers ... tight cone racing on asfalt.

      I'd like to say that anybody who says RS is faster than AYC, should have data to support that.
      AYC to fully functional RS, lead to worthless impressions.

      AYC is magic and Mitsubishi pioneered torque vectoring in 1996, pure magic and fantastic engineering.

      Good luck Daniel, hope this helps you in your decision making.

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