Redline 50 WT Race Oil


      Redline 50 WT Race Oil

      Redline 50 WT Race Oil
      Der Schmierstoff mit der weltweit höchsten verfügbaren ZDDP Konzentration von 2400 ppm!

      • Im Kanister 1 Gallone (3,79 Liter) 79,- €
      • 1 Quart (0,95 Liter) 23,- €

      Phosphorus, avg PPM 2500
      Zinc, avg PPM 2400

      SAE Viscosity Grade 15W50

      Vis @ 100°C, cSt 16.8
      Vis @ 40°C, cSt 116
      Viscosity Index 158
      CCS Viscosity, Poise, @*C34@-15°C
      Pour Point, °C-45
      Pour Point, °F -49
      Flash Point, °C 272
      Flash Point, °F522
      NOACK Evaporation Loss,1hr @ 482°F (250°C), % 6

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      Hier nochmal ein Auszug von Forced Performance zum Thema Motoröl:

      "Some might have a hard time considering that their daily driver 4G63 motor is a “race engine”, but anything that makes 100bhp per piston is a race motor, and if you think otherwise then you are fooling yourself. Our own 2006 EVO9 RS is a 630whp daily driver. Most of its life it runs on 93 octane fuel at a reduced power level of approx 560whp – 140whp per piston – WELL into the “race engine” category. If you have any doubts about that just stop by and ask for a ride. Other than during the initial ring seat/break-in period, this engine has AWAYS run Brad Penn 20w-50 racing oil. There are also plenty of other suitable oils available from Amsoil, Joe Gibbs, Valvoline and Royal purple for example that fall into the same basic performance level for high pressure - friction protection. Running oil that does not offer this type of high pressure oil film strength in your engine is just a mistake, plain and simple. Mobil 1 used to be considered such oil, but it has been many years since it was reformulated and “watered down” to accommodate OEM emissions and fuel efficiency requirements. Your engine does not have any fuel efficiency requirement; you do not have a catalytic convert on your race engine either, so why run oil whose main focus doesn’t pertain to your needs?"

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